Custom built to your specific needs

Your business needs more than a generic theme with minor customization. Off the rack themes are bloated with features you don’t need. We will build you a site tailored to the colour scheme and style of your business

Minimal plugins

Plugins are easy to install but hard to remove when they’re no longer needed. Websites with many plugins can become clogged up, and you never know what will happen when you de-activate one. We use standard no-nonsense plugins and only when they’re absolutely necessary, ie. for forms or other essential features

As easy to edit as a Word document

The idea of a Content Management System is to let you manage content yourself, without the calling a developer every time you need to change or update something. We ensure that the dashboard editing experience is as easy to use as writing a letter.

Built to last

The internet changes, and you don’t want to build a new website every year. We will build you a website that, with foresight will adapt to your future requirements.