Domain Name (Approx. 20€/year)

While most website builders include a domain name in their paid plans, when building a site with, you’ll need to buy one from a domain registrar such as

We’d suggest you go for a domain name that’s as similar to your business or site name as possible. It should be as short as possible and memorable.

Most domain names clock in at a very reasonable 11.99€/year, but desirable ones have been known to creep into the thousands – or even millions!

The most popular and desirable domain name extension is ‘.com’, but check out other domain extensions such as .net for some backup options if your dream .com domain is already taken.

Good to know: ‘Premium’ domain names are highly desirable domain names that have been snapped up by investors to resell to the general market at a profit. The initial price of these names could be in the thousands, but after the first year, it’ll renew at the standard 10€ – 15€/year rate.

Hosting (3.95€ – 34.95€/month)

Aside from buying a domain name, hosting is pretty much the only unavoidable cost when setting up your website.

When you buy a hosting plan, you’re basically reserving a little bit of internet space for your website to sit in. No hosting, no website – it’s as simple as that.

The good news is that in the grand scheme of things, hosting costs proportionately very little.

For a small or new site expecting relatively little traffic, shared hosting is a decent starting point. Namecheap’s cheapest shared plan costs just 1.23€/month – less than the cost of your morning coffee.

Pre-made Themes (0€ – 200€ as a one-off charge)

Now we’ve got the boring admin costs out of the way, it’s time for something much more fun – themes! 

The great thing about buying a theme is… that you don’t actually have to buy a theme. There’s a whole selection of free ones in the WordPress library that you can demo and install at the click of a button. They will have been created and submitted by developers, and have passed through the watchful eyes of the  Theme Review Team. Each one also has a user rating, which is a good way to make sure you don’t end up with a dud.

Plugins (0€ – 1,000€; some one-off costs, some ongoing)

As we mentioned above, plugins are a way to add functionality to your theme – kind of like downloading apps to your phone or laptop.

There are loads of free plugins around, and loads of premium ones with free, pared back versions. For a simple, ‘personal project’ website, such as a blog, you could get away with spending little or nothing here – it’s when you want something more complex that the costs start to stack up.

Security (50€ – 550€ as a one-off cost, 50€+/year ongoing)

Security is another thing you could theoretically pay nothing for, as some pretty robust security measures are baked right into the WordPress software itself.

The core WordPress software, along with the plugins and themes, will regularly require updating. When an update is available, it’s crucial that you install it as soon as possible. Old software leaves you seriously vulnerable to hackers and viruses.

An SSL certificate, or ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ certificate, is a secure website essential. It’s the standard technology for keeping internet connections secure, and is behind the ‘s’ in ‘https’. It also gives your site that all important padlock in the search bar:

Without an SSL certificate, your visitors might be warned that they’re entering an unsecure site, and their details will be at risk. Not good!

We can include SSL certificates as standard, but if you use a CMS system, you may have to arrange one yourself.

Some hosting providers, including Namecheap, offer a free SSL certificate with at least some of their WordPress hosting plans.

Security is another thing you could theoretically pay nothing for, as some pretty robust security measures are baked right into the WordPress software itself.

Developer Fees (0€ – 1,000€ as a one-off cost)

And lastly, you may choose to hire a developer to build your WordPress website for you for one of the following reasons:You’re short on timeYou have a very specific design in mind, or you need advanced functionality that requires custom codingYou don’t feel confident with the process

It’s hard to put an exact figure on this cost because it’s so dependent on your needs. If you just need someone to set up a super basic site for you, this could cost as little as 100€ – 200€.

If you need something quite complex, you could easily spend over 1,000€. But what makes a complex website? Say you’re starting a gym. You need a way for people to log in to their accounts, pay for memberships, and book classes, which you need to be able to schedule. You can see how extra functions can quickly stack up to something you can’t handle on your own!